A Topic Page may contain links to multiple projects, and content like banners, questions, images and timelines. These pages are useful when you want to show the different phases of a project, connect projects that are related to each other, or compare and contrast data across projects.

It also allows you to integrate project content and interact with survey participants from a single page.

To create a new Topic Page, on the Home page of your project, click on the New Project or Topic button.

The Create New Project dialogue will be displayed. Note: You will convert this project into a topic page in the steps below. 

  1. Select a department.
  2. Enter a Topic Name.
  3. Select participants’ anonymity status (choosing Allow Anonymous means that anyone can click on topic links without logging in).

As you complete each section in this dialogue, click Next to continue.

   4. Choose the page format, in this case Topic Page.
   5. Click Create Topic.

Your newly-created Topic Page will now load. 

A Topic Page has a similar format and content structure to a Project Page, e.g. it contains Page & Survey, Email, SMS and Social tabs. At the top right of the page is the link to View Live Site.

There are multiple options for you to customize your site and include your branding. Scroll down on the Topic Page to view and edit the page options. 

In the Topic Description & Images section, you can upload a page icon and banner, and edit the topic description. Click Save Description Changes to continue.

Further down, in the Edit this topic page section, you can link to other projects (1), and add questions (2) and content (3). You can also add a timeline, videos, events and documents (4) to the Topic Page. 

To add a project, click Add Project. In the Select a project to include dialogue, click on the Drop-down arrow to view a list of all active and archived projects, and select one. Click on the green Add Project button to save and continue.

To add a timeline, on the Topic Page, click on the Add Other drop-down menu and select Project Timeline.

In the Milestone Editor dialogue, click New Milestone. You can add multiple milestones to your topic. Each milestone has a title and description. When you have finished, click on the Close button at the bottom of the page.

The milestones will be added to your Topic Page. 

To edit a milestone, on the Topic Page, click on the Gear icon.

Back in the Milestone Editor dialogue, you can change the status of your milestone (Planned, Live or Complete) or delete it.

You can also add other content to your Topic Page for a richer user experience. 

Now, let’s take a look at how survey participants will see your Topic Page. Click View Live Site at the top right of your Topic Page.

At the bottom of your live Topic Page is a link for users to participate in your survey, and one for administrators to close the topic.

Want to learn more about Topic Pages? Check out our article on What is a Topic Page?

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