What are project groups (topic pages)?

What's the difference between a project group and a project?

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Projects, (aka Surveys) are the questions and/or content you use to engage with your community. Project groups (aka topic pages) are broader landing pages that can hold links to multiple projects. When the public visits a project group page, they know that all the projects are related to one another, or cover the same subject matter.

Project groups can also communicate long-range plans with multiple phases, or be used to compile data across multiple projects.

Project groups will appear second, below active projects, on your organization's home page within PublicInput.com.

Here are some examples of Project Groups (Topic Pages)

Above, you'll see links to multiple related projects. Participants can click the Participate link to answer questions and provide feedback on the individual project(s).

Project groups can also consolidate multiple projects in one location to combine, compare, and contrast data across the projects.

In the example above, the Pre and Post surveys are in one location. Even though the surveys are now closed, participants can view results to see answers and feedback. Any data reports generated from the Project Group will show combined information about all the projects on the page.

You can also use Project Groups to display long-range plans with multiple phases.
In the example below, the project information, timeline, and links to individual projects are all shared on this Project Group page.

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