A Project Group or Topic Page can contain links to multiple projects, and content like banners, questions, images and project timelines. These pages are useful when you want to show the different phases of a project, connect projects that are related to each other, or compare and contrast data across projects.

A Project Group also allows you to integrate project content and interact with survey participants from a single page.

To create a new Project Group, on the Home page of your project, click the Create new item button.

Select New Project Group from the dropdown menu.

The Create New Topic dialogue will appear.

Step 1: Select your Topic Purpose from the dropdown menu.

You may choose to Group several surveys or projects, or a Communications topic.

Step 2: Select a department.

Step 3: Enter a name for your topic.

Step 4: Click the green Create Topic button.

Your newly-created Project Group will now load. It will look familiar since it is set up just like a project page.

There are multiple options for you to customize your site and include your branding. Scroll down on the Project Group to view and edit the page options. 

In the Topic Description & Images section, you can upload an optional page icon, Top-of-Page Banner, and Featured Image, as well as edit the topic description. If you add a description, remember to click Save Description Changes.

Further down, in the Edit this topic page section, you can link to other projects by clicking Add Project (1), and add questions (2) and content (3). Add Other (4) will display a drop down menu where you can add a timeline, videos, meetings & events, and documents to the Project Group

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