You can create dynamic report two different ways: on the Results & Data tab, or on the Reporting tab.

Results & data -  The Results & Data tab option will add charts for all engagement activites to your report automatically. You then have the option to remove items from the report. This is the best option when you want a full report of your project's data.

- This option creates a blank report, with only the title visible. You will need to manually add content and charts to your report.

Click Reporting on the Left-hand menu and select Dynamic Reports.

Click the green Create New Dynamic Report button.

You'll then be prompted to name your report.

Once you've named your report, you can locate it in the Dynamic Reports below.

Click on the report. It will be blank by default. Click the Options menu in the top right corner and choose Add to Report.

The Add New Item winodw will appear. Select the item you'd like to add to your report. You can Add Content, Question results, Engagement Summary Stats (includes adding a map of participants), or Demographics.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your report's content.

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