Dynamic reports update automatically as new data is received. You can save/download a report, however, it is important to note that it will only display the responses/data received as of the time & date that you save it. It is best practice to save your dynamic report after your project concludes (after the survey is closed to repsonses.) Otherwise, your report may be missing any additional response data after the save date.

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First, navigate to your report. You can find reports under the Reports & Data tab on your project page, or via Reporting > Dynamic Reports on the left side menu of the admin page.

Click on your Dynamic Report, and click the Options button in the top right corner.

Select the Print option from the drop-down menu. When the print dialog screen appears, click the 'Destination' dropdown, and select "Save as PDF."

Note: System dialog varies between computer models and of course, Mac vs PC interfaces.

This will download your Dynamic Report as a PDF document.

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