You can remove questions or content from an existing dynamic report. Check out our article on How to create a dynamic report if you haven't yet created a report.

Once your report is created, you can access it one of two ways:

1. Via the Reporting menu on the left-hand side: 

Choose Dynamic Reports from the menu that appears.

The Dynamic Reports page will list of all dynamic reports that have been created. Locate your report, and click the edit (pencil) icon.


2. Find your report in the Results & Data tab for your project:

Click the Results & Data tab.
 Locate your report, and click the edit (pencil) icon.

All questions from your project will appear on the report by default.

To remove questions from your report:

The editing toolbar will appear when you hover the mouse slightly above the question you want to remove.

Click Remove from report on the far left. 

That's it! the chart or content will be deleted from your report.
Accidentally deleted an item from a report? Don't fret! Check out the articles below for additional help with that:

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