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How to add additional text to a report

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Want to add further context or information to your dynamic report? We offer 2 ways to do this:

1. Click the Options button in the top right of the Report, and select + Add to Report from the drop down menu:


2. Hover between existing questions or content on the report until you see a black line and encircled plus (+) icon appear, then click the plus icon.

In either case, the Add New Item window will appear.

Click Text & Image Content.

A new content area will be added to the report.

Click into the content area, where the text editor will appear on-click.

You can then type directly on the report, add images, links, and more! Add explanatory text – be as brief or or descriptive as you like – as well as bulleted lists, additional graphs and image content if you so choose to expound upon the default generated report.

Don't forget to click the blue Save Changes button to save your text. As with adding content to a project, you can change the size and color of the text, as well as add images and links.

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