Add a map of participants to a report

Add an interactive google map of participants by zipcode, or point on a map.

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You can add a map of participants to an existing dynamic report. Check out our article on How to create a dynamic report if you haven't yet created a report.

Once your report is created, you can access it one of two ways:

Via the Reporting menu on the left-hand side: 

Choose Dynamic Reports from the menu that appears.

The Dynamic Reports page will list of all dynamic reports that have been created. Locate your report, and click the edit (pencil) icon.

You can also find your report in the Results & Data tab for your project:

Click the Results & Data tab.
 Locate your report, and click the edit (pencil) icon.

Once your dynamic report opens, you can hover your mouse above or between existing data to add a map of participants. A black line with a plus sign will appear.

Step 1: Click the plus sign, and the Add New Item pop up window will appear.

👉Note: Here you have the ability to add Content, a Question Result, Engagement Summary Stats, or Demographics. Participant Maps fall under Engagement Summary Stats.

Step 2: Click Engagement Summary Stats.

Step 3: In the next pop-up window, select Participant Zip Code Map from the Chart Type menu.

Step 4: Click Add to report. Your participants will be mapped by zip code on your report. You can click on the map to see the percentage of participants from each zip code.

To add a map of participants, follow steps 1-4, this time choosing Participant Map from the Chart Type menu. Individual dots represent each participant. You can click the individual dots to see the participant's information (if provided.)

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