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When installing the PublicInput Zoom app, here are some common questions and solutions to try.

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To use Zoom as your video streaming app for a virtual public meeting or to have PublicInput convert Zoom recordings into smart meeting transcripts, you will need to install the PublicInput Zoom App.

Q: When we authenticate with Zoom, does it authenticate for the whole organization or just the department?

A: The Zoom connector only authenticates your specific user, not the organization itself. If you choose to import meetings from your account to PublicInput, other team members can edit those in PublicInput but they will not have admin access to your Zoom meeting or have the ability to create meetings in your Zoom account.

Q: When I try to authenticate, it says I cannot install the app because "it needs pre-approval by your account admin." Is this my Zoom account admin or PublicInput?

A: Seeing this message means your Zoom account has organizational controls in place that require apps to be pre-approved. You can request that your Zoom admin pre-approve the PublicInput Zoom app by following the steps on Zoom's help center here:

If owners or admins require pre-approval, they can still search for apps on the Marketplace and individually pre-approve them. Once an app is pre-approved, it can be installed by other users on the account.

Note: If you have not approved an app in the App Marketplace, users on your account can request to install the app. If this occurs, you will receive an email from noreply@zoom.us with further details.

  1. Sign in to Marketplace as an admin or owner.

  2. Search for an app and click on the icon to select it.

  3. In the App permissions section, click the toggle

    to enable Approve use of this app.

    • By default, All users on this account is selected to pre-approve all users in the account.

    • (Optional) Select Specific users or users groups on this account if you would like to instead pre-approve the app for certain users or group.

      • Click Add users, then select Add an individual user or Add a user group.

      • Type the email of the user or the name of the group then, click Add.


  • A combination of individual users and user groups can be given access to a pre-approved app.

  • When a Zoom App is pre-approved for users and/or groups of users, they will be notified of the pre-approval to use this Zoom App.

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