Important Note:

To livestream your Zoom meeting to your Organization's YouTube account, your account will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your YouTube account will need to support embedded live streaming. This typically necessitates at least 1,000 followers and a linked AdSense account.
    In YouTube, the features “Live streaming” and “Embed live streams” need to be enabled. Live streaming can be seen in; please follow the instructions there. Embedding live streams requires a linked AdSense account.

    If you do not have the ability to conduct embedded live streams with YouTube, you can use the "Create a live stream for me" feature in your PublicInput Meeting editor, or pivot to Facebook Live.

  • Your Zoom account must be a paid account: Pro, Business, Education or Enterprise. Please see Zoom's article for more details.

    *Zoom Webinar will not work with's phone bridge.

Setting up a Youtube Stream via the Youtube Integration

The steps for setting up a YouTube livestream are outlined in the "Using Public Input's Create a live stream for me" article.

After you create a new Live Stream placeholder video for your meeting in PublicInput, you'll still need to set up the integration between Zoom and YouTube Live Stream. You're ready for the next step when you see streaming values like these in your PublicInput meeting:

Setting up Zoom

If you've verified that your YouTube account is able to Live stream as well as “Embed live streams,” the next step is to ensure your Zoom account is configured for streaming:

Check your Zoom account settings page to ensure Live Streaming is enabled:

Initiating streaming from your Zoom conference

Once you've launched your meeting, click the "Ellipsis" ( ) button in your Zoom meeting to confirm live streaming options are enabled:

The "More" button can be found at the bottom of the Zoom window, unless you're already presenting your screen (screen sharing.) It will be on the Presentation panel if you are sharing your screen.

Click "Live on Custom Streaming Service"

Give your video a title and choose "Unlisted" from the broadcast menu - this option ensures that you can bring your stream into

A loading bar will appear and load, then Youtube will provide a form to paste in your stream details. At this point, you'll paste in the values from the Youtube video in your PublicInput Meeting settings dialog:

Once you've pasted in the three values from PublicInput into Youtube, click "Go Live!" to start video streaming.

*Note that you can close out of this window and return when you're ready to go live.

Note: Zoom does not allow you to change your Youtube stream after you go live, so only paste in the values for the Youtube live stream assigned to your meeting in PublicInput.

If you accidentally paste in another video's streaming information into your Zoom meeting, you will need to create a new Zoom meeting. While you will need to assign this new Zoom meeting to your PublicInput meeting, you will still be able to repeat the above steps and go live using the same Youtube stream.

Post event

Your meeting's livestream is automatically recorded and saved on YouTube. If you have dead air or chit chat at the beginning of your meeting and decide you'd like to edit that out, you can toggle "Hide video after event ends" in your Public Input meeting settings.

Once you've edited the video, you can un-toggle this setting to show your recorded meeting on your live site.

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