Installing the PublicInput Zoom Plugin
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Installing the PublicInput Zoom app

In your dashboard, head to the meetings admin tab.

In the home tab, scroll to the Connected Accounts section and click the Zoom block:

In the menu dialog that appears, click Connect Zoom Account:

The Zoom login page will appear. Login to Zoom as you normally would.

Returning to PublicInput

Upon successfully logging in, you will be directed back to your meetings admin dashboard in PublicInput. At the top of your screen you'll see a confirmation of your account being connected, along with metrics on meetings being imported to your dashboard:

At this point, you're connected to Zoom! Your past and upcoming Zoom meetings will appear in the Imported Meetings tab, and cloud meeting recordings will appear in the Recordings tab.

Using the PublicInput Zoom app

Importing meetings to your dashboard

To import meeting records and publish a Zoom meeting to your public meetings portal, you'll first find your meeting in the Imported Meetings tab:

If you haven't already configured your import destination, you'll notice that your meetings will display as "Not Imported". You can manually import a meeting by clicking this link:

A new dialog will open so you can associate this Zoom meeting to an existing meeting or create a new meeting in your dashboard.

You'll also select its associated board, commission, or project:

Once saved, the Imported Meetings Table will be updated to reflect that the meeting has been imported, and you'll receive a confirmation dialog:

Clicking Meeting Settings will open up the meeting editor where you can see your meeting's settings and confirm you've connected your meeting information from Zoom into PublicInput:

This connection enables phone tools like a toll free listening line and managed speaker queue. You can control these phone options in the "More Conferencing Options" block:

Once you're satisfied with your meeting options, you can save your meeting's settings:

From here you can preview your meeting by clicking the Public Page link in the import dialog, or clicking the ellipsis menu beside your meeting in the Upcoming Meetings table:

You can send participants to the link shown at the top of this page, or link to your meetings portal.

Generating public transcripts from recordings

To view imported Zoom cloud recordings, click the Recordings tab on the left vertical menu.

Your Zoom cloud recordings will appear in the table with the date they were created:

In order to create a transcript, you'll need to associate your recording to a meeting in PublicInput. Mouse over and click Not yet assigned to assign your recording to a meeting:

Once you've associated your recording to a meeting in PublicInput, the recording will show the meeting's name with a green recording icon. Click the green recording icon to view recordings:

Kick off transcription for any recordings by clicking Transcribe to Text:

Uninstalling the PublicInput Zoom Plugin

Disconnect your account in PublicInput

On your meetings admin page sidebar navigation menu, click Settings > Accounts:

In the Connected Meeting Tools block you'll see a list of connected external accounts. Click the red trash icon on the right of the account you'd like to disconnect:

Your meetings and recordings will no longer import into your PublicInput account for the removed Zoom account. Any meetings and recordings that have not previously been imported to your dashboard will be removed from your account.

Confirming uninstallation (optional)

Disconnecting your account with the above process will automatically uninstall the application from your Zoom account. You can confirm that the app is uninstalled in Zoom using the following steps:

Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Click Manage > Installed Apps.

The PublicInput app will no longer appear in this list after being disconnected in the PublicInput dashboard. *Note - please allow 1-2 minutes for the Zoom dashboard to update to reflect successful uninstall.



Troubleshooting steps

I don't see any recordings in the Recordings tab.

Check to ensure you are using Cloud Recording as your destination for new recordings in Zoom.

If you have cloud recordings in your Zoom account but do not see them in your Recordings tab in PublicInput, they may still be processing (especially if you just connected your account). Try refreshing the page a few minutes after connecting your Zoom account.

I just added my Zoom account, but my meetings do not appear in the Imported Meetings table

It may take a moment to import your meeting records. Click the Imported Meetings tab or refresh the page, retrying after a minute.

If you can see scheduled meetings in your Zoom account, but still do not see them in PublicInput, check the accounts tab to ensure you've successfully connected your account.

The app checks Zoom for new items every 15 minutes, but you can have it check on-demand by heading to Settings -> Accounts, then clicking "Sync all services now".

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