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Streaming and editing Zoom meeting video through a Facebook Live page
Streaming and editing Zoom meeting video through a Facebook Live page

Host your Zoom VPM on a Facebook page and edit the video afterward

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Meetings streamed to your Facebook page can later be edited. This can be very useful for admins who want to trim their video for one reason or another, such as to remove dead air time at the beginning or end.

If your organization does not already have a page, or you'd like to create a "dummy" or test page, here's how:

To begin, you'll want to navigate to Pages on your Facebook account:

Here you can either create a new page or click on an existing page. This page is where the meeting video will be located.

On your page, click the Live button below Create post.

Choose the first option to Go live and click the Select button.

On the following screen you will want to choose and/or note the following settings:

  1. Choose Streaming software under Select a video source.

  2. Note the Stream key; this will be copied shortly and pasted into the browser to set up your Zoom stream.

  3. Note the Server URL as this will also be copied and pasted shortly.

  4. Click the text entry field within Share to story to enter details about the name and description of the video.

You will also want to have your Facebook page open in another tab. You will be copying the URL for the page and using it shortly.

Now open your Zoom client and begin a meeting. Click the ellipsis at the bottom nav of the video client and click Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.

On the browser tab that opens, you may need to wait a moment and then click the link to Update the Streaming URL and Streaming Key.

This will load a page where you will enter the data found on the Facebook Live page, including the Streaming URL, Streaming Key and Live streaming page URL.

The first two can be found back on the Facebook Live setup page (noted earlier), but the Live streaming page URL should be copied from your web browser for the Facebook page, omitting any reference at the end of the URL (see below). Copy this address into the final field above and click Go Live!

At this point, back on your Facebook Live video page, you should see the video from Zoom in the Video preview and the blue Go live button turn blue. Click the Go live button to make the video live on your Facebook page.

With the video now live, navigate to the Settings drop-down menu item on the left and click Live tab. Then copy the Live video URL on the right.

Navigate now to the meeting editor for the VPM in PublicInput and paste the above URL into the Streaming Video field with Facebook Live chosen as the streaming option.

The Zoom video streamed to your Facebook Live page should now be visible on the meeting live site.

To stop the live video and begin to edit it, click the red End live video button in the lower-left corner of the Facebook Live video page.

To trim your video now that it has ended, navigate on the left-hand sidebar to Dashboard and click Trim your video within the Quick actions section.

Here you may trim the video and click Trim Video when done.

This edited video will be shown on your meeting's live site for users to view.

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