How do I add a new department?

Request a new department for your organization

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Our PublicInput Success team can create these for you!

If you're the PublicInput account owner or the main point of contact for your organization, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager by email, or you can email, to request any new departments you'd like added.

Please provide the name of your department(s) to be added as you would like it to be displayed in your PublicInput Engagement Dashboard.
If requesting multiple departments, please list them out on separate lines.




Can I add my own departments?

Sorry, a PublicInput Super Admin (CSM) will need to add departments for you.

Can a PublicInput chat support representative add a new department for me?

Can I request a new department via chat or the support email?

No, a chat support rep. cannot add a new department for you. If you request a new department by chat, the support team member will relay your request to your CSM. Your CSM will loop in the appropriate department leads and/or account holder(s) to confirm whether a new department can be added.

Who is my CSM?

How do I find my CSM's email address?

If you haven't had direct contact with your CSM, you can email your department request to The CSM for your organization will address your request.

Do I need multiple departments?

For some organizations, no. For others, yes. Your CSM can help you determine your organization's departmental needs.

How many departments can an organization have?

That depends on your PublicInput account contract. Your CSM can let you know if there is a department limit for your account when you make a department request by email.

Can my organization have a "test" department?

Please email your CSM to find out if we can provide a "Sandbox" department to allow your admins a "play" area to test out project and survey functions before launching.

Can I restrict access to specific departments?

Yes! Any Organizational Admin (full org. permissions) can set department permissions by individual admin user.

Should I reach out to my CSM or ask Support to add new admins or users?

No, we ask that the Account owner or other admin with full organization-wide admin permissions add any new admins after the initial onboarding period. This ensures the new users has the correct permissions in the platform, and won't be added to a department that they shouldn't have access to in error by our staff.

If you have other department questions, you can email to learn more.

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