When you first create your project, you have the option to set up your survey in one of two formats:

Content + Questions

Question Series (or Poll series)

A Content + Questions project is a project or survey that can include survey questions, descriptive text, images, videos, project timelines, frequently asked questions, documents, & steps for organization. You can also add your own custom embeds.

A Question Series project is a "questions only" format that presents each question one at a time, as if they are on index cards.

If you select the wrong project type when creating your project, don't worry! You can easily convert your project site format later.

The Content + Questions project type is most common, and suites most user's project needs. All Content + Questions projects can be easily converted to text surveys, embedded in other web pages, and are printable.

The Question Series is less commonly used, but it works well for embedding into online articles, surveys being used for presentations*, or when designing text-only survey initiatives; however, we highly recommend a multi-modal approach – a mix of online, text, and paper survey engagement – as a general best practice to ensure equitable community outreach.

*Note: you can opt to use "Presentation Mode" on the Meetings and offline tab to share a screen-share or projector-friendly version of the Survey to poll participants in real time in a public location or virtual meeting.

All Project Groups will have the Content + Questions layout.

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