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Adding custom embeds and code to your project page
Adding custom embeds and code to your project page

PublicInput supports embedded items like iFrames and custom JS and HTML.

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As part of any project page, PublicInput supports the addition of embedded iFrames, Javascript, and HTML.

To add your custom assets, head over to your project admin page and click the Add Content button:

Click inside the content box and the WYSIWG content editor will appear. Next, you'll click the Source button:

In the Source editor, paste your custom code. The editor offers full support for embedded scripts, iFrames, style blocks and HTML:

Note: Be sure the URL in your iFrame begins with "https." If your iFrame isn't working (e.g., blank on the live site), open the source code and check that there's an "s" behind "http" at the beginning of your link.

For example, if you're using an Esri map link that starts with "http," you'll need to add the "s" when you copy the link into the source code.

Click OK, and remember to click the blue Save Changes button in the content block. 

Drag/drop the content box to the location you'd like. Your content will now appear on the live survey.

Pro tip - we recommend checking out for help formatting your custom content for multiple device widths.

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