Throughout the application, admin permissions are managed using a set of pre-defined admin user roles. These roles align with typical organizational functions and workflows, differentiating who can view data, edit content, and publish content publicly.

If you have a standard account (non-enterprise), these permissions can be extended organization-wide or at the project level. Enterprise accounts have the option to extend these permissions at the department level.

Permission Roles

These admins can perform all admin tasks for the department, project, or organization to which they are provided admin access. This is the only role that is able to delete participant responses.

These admins can perform all editor tasks. They can also make surveys and reports visible to the public, send emails and text messages, generate custom links and create social media campaigns. They cannot add/remove administrators.

These admins can perform all data viewer tasks. They can also edit surveys and reports, view CRM data, and export raw data.

Data Viewer
These admins can view reports, operate meeting kiosks, conduct data entry, and view email & SMS correspondence. They cannot edit content or export raw data.

Permission Scope

Admins at this level have their respective organizational rights extended to all departments, lists, topics, and projects in the organization. This doesn't preclude higher privileges at the department or project level - i.e. is common to see an administrator with "View" rights at the organizational level and "Administrator" rights for a specific department.

Admin rights apply to this department and all its respective lists, topics, and projects. This doesn't preclude higher privileges at the project level - i.e. is common to see an administrator with "View" rights at the department level and "Administrator" rights for a specific project.

The most specific form of admin rights, granted to a specific project. This applies to all associated assets for the project, such as email campaigns and social media posts, but does not include CRM access outside of the project.

Adding or Changing Admin Permissions

Organizational and departmental access is controlled on the organization settings page in the admin tab. The permissions are laid out in the administrators table:


Can an "Editor" create a survey?

Yes - an editor can create a survey, but by default it will be in draft mode and require an admin with publisher permissions.

Can an "Editor" change a project's department?

Yes. An editor can move a project to a different department but cannot alter its published state.

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