How to add a new administrator

How do you add or change admins and their permissions?

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How to add an organizational or departmental administrator 

To get started, we want to set up an account for your new administrator and email them a link to access it. 

To create a new organizational administrator (admin), on the Home page, click on the Settings menu option.

On the Settings page, navigate to the Admins page.

On the Admins page, click Add New Administrator to customize a new organizational admin’s profile.

In the New Admin Email Address dialog, type the customer’s email address and click next.

Under scope, you can designate this admin as an internal team member, external consultant, or community partner. This setting will not change the level of access they receive, but it helps keep your administrators organized by type for easier future management.

Under Permissions, select the desired level of access you'd like for this admin to receive. Organization-wide permissions will be extended to every project and department. If you have an enterprise account, departmental permissions are extended to every project and topic within each department.
Learn more about roles and permission levels here.

Once you click Add Administrator, an email will be sent to the new organizational admin with a link to their newly-created administrator account. 

How to add project-level administrators

Setting up a new project-level administrator can be done by selecting Project Admin in the workflow above, or on the individual project or topic dashboard under the Settings tab.

From your Home page, click on the project to which you'd like to add a project-level administrator (admin).

On the project admin dashboard, click on the Settings tab.

Scroll down to the Administrators section & click +Add New Admin.

You can add them by entering their e-mail address, or select an existing administrator from the drop down list.

You also have the ability to Lock admin permissions to your project's specific admins.

Once you've added a new admin, you can also change individual permissions for the project here on the settings tab.

An email will be sent to the new project-level admin with a link to their newly-created administrator account. 


How do I get a commercial/external domain (,,, etc) in the adding admin section?

Addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. you would need to choose another option under "Scope": External consultant / community partner

Can I add Administrators in bulk/groups instead of individually?

At the moment Administrators must be entered individually (Org and Project wide)

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