There are two ways to get to the Custom Link option on your project:

  1. Click on the View Live Site dropdown menu, and select Build Custom Link.

2. From the Home page of your project or survey, click on the Settings tab.

Step 1:
Enter your unique shortcode:

Note: Your shortcode may not contain spaces, must be at least five characters and may not currently be in use. If any of these criteria are not met, the system will alert you. In the example above, the three green check marks indicate all criteria have been met.

Step 2 (Optional):
If you'd like to associate a custom link with a meeting, you can select the meeting from the Associated meeting drop down menu. (You'll need to create the meeting first.)

Step 3 (Optional): If you want to be able to track who clicks your unique URL, you can use segments to group visitors and participants in your surveys. For instance, you may want to segment participants in a particular survey, such as "Bus riders" vs. "train riders."

Use the Add visitors to segment drop-down menu to select an existing segment, or select Create new segment to create one:

Step 4 (Optional): It's important to make sure you provide your survey in the languages that are most common in the outreach area you are targeting. You may want to change the language of the web page. To do this, first, be sure all edits to your English survey are finalized. Then, select a language from the Default Language drop-down list. For this example, we will stick with English.

For more information about translation and creating a custom language link, see our article on creating a survey in another language (with language-specific link).

Step 5: To create your new unique URL (and email address), click Create Link.

In this example, a URL has been created using “celebratingholidays” as the shortcode, and it is targeting the “Will be celebrating the holidays” segment. The default language is English.

👉Note: Your custom URL will also be assigned a custom QR code.

You'll see all URL's associated with this project here on the settings page.

You can also see all associated custom URL's on the View Live Site button drop-down menu at any time:

Creating a custom URL also creates a custom email address to match. You can confirm a new email address has been created by going back to your project page & clicking the Email tab.

If you don’t see the email address for your shortcode, refresh the page. Later, in the Email section, you will be able to monitor email traffic via this shortcode.

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