Let’s look at the privileges associated with each role and how to add a user with one of these roles to your organization.

🔓Organizational administrators 

Can create new engagement projects and topic pages, and have access to the reporting, social, CRM, email and settings pages.

This role is suited to a member of your organization who needs to be able to access all projects, report on them, and actively engage with all teams and customers.

🔒Project-level administrators 

Can access and edit an individual project but will not have access to all the the organization’s settings, or any other projects.

This role is particularly suited to a consultant or a member of your team who is focused on a specific project.

How to add an organizational administrator 

To get started, we want to set up an account for the new kid on the block and email them a link to access it. 

To create a new organizational administrator (admin), on the Home page, click on the Settings menu option.

On the Settings page, navigate to the Admins page.

On the Admins page, click Add New Administrator to customize a new organizational admin’s profile.

In the New Admin Email Address dialog, type the customer’s email address and click OK.

An email will be sent to the new organizational admin with a link to their newly-created administrator account.

How to add project-level administrators

Setting up a new project-level administrator is only a little different to setting up an organizational administrator.  To get started, we first want to associate them with the project they will be administrating.

Go back to your Home page and click on the project to which you wish to add a project-level administrator (admin).

On the project page, click on the Settings button.

On the Settings tab, scroll down to the Administrator section and click on the Add New Admin button.

Under Add by email address, type the email address of the customer you wish to assign as a new project-level admin and click Add as Project Admin.

An email will be sent to the new project-level admin with a link to their newly-created administrator account. 

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