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Creating a segment based on Meeting Attendance
Creating a segment based on Meeting Attendance

Segments provide useful insights based on a wide range of criteria, e.g. whether a group of people attended a particular meeting or event

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This type of segment is useful if you want to analyze the response to your project by people who did not attend a particular meeting, or, specifically the responses by participants who did attend a specific meeting or meetings.Β 

To create a segment based on meeting attendance, go to your CRM page and click Create New Segment.Β 

In the next dialog, choose your selection criteria, in this case Meeting or Event.

Next, select from the dropdown list the meeting or event you wish to use to create the segment. Type a keyword in the search box to filter a large list of events. Having selected an event, click Continue.

Next, specify which participants you wish to include in this segment and click Continue.

Give the segment a meaningful name and click Create Segment.

Your segment will be listed on your CRM page, where you can review it.Β 

You can also create segments by:
β€‹πŸ’¬ Comment tag
​❓ Question Response
β€‹πŸ“‹ Subscriber Lists
β€‹πŸ€³πŸ» Project Participants
β€‹πŸ“§ Email Recipients

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