Insight builder helps you to analyze your survey or project data in illustrative charts and graphs that are easy-on-the-eye, and can be shared in dynamic reports or on your website.

To get started, on the Home page, click Reporting on the menu panel and then select Insight Builder

This will take you to the Data Insights page. Here you can choose what type of insight you'd like to build. 

There are three types of insights:

 ∙ Comparison Builder
 ∙ Interactive Cross-Tab Builder
 ∙ Map Insights 

Comparison Builder

Comparison builder allows you to compare answers to two questions and display the data collected via Side-by-Side Pie chart, Cross-Tab Bar graph, or Cross-Tab Pie chart. 

Choose two questions to compare via the drop down menus for Question 1 and Question 2. 

Select the type of chart/graph you'd like to use, and comparison builder will the generate the graphs.

Side-by-Side Pie:

The Flip Questions button near the top right will flip the order of the questions (from left to right.)

Cross-tab Bar

Cross-tab Pie

If you are not happy with how the data is presented, just try another graph! Simply click the Back to Options button in the top right of the insight.

To the right of each insight, you will see a gear icon. Click it and a drop down menu will appear. This is where you can:
Add to Report - Add the insight to an existing report
Save as Image - Save the image to your computer
Get Embed Code - Embed the image into your website or presentation

Interactive Cross-Tab Builder

This insight will be interactive within your report. Stakeholders reading the report can click on each segment to view statistics about each answer and see how they correlate to another question. 

To create this type of insight, first, select two different questions to compare. You can modify the text in the Customize text shown box to the right of the insight. Remember to save any changes you make by clicking the blue Save Changes button.

(The Image above is show on a narrow browser window so the image appears larger. Questions will appear side by side in a standard browser window.)

Statistics about each set of answer segments will be auto-filled by default in the box, however, you can customize the text shown to fit your needs. The text to be displayed will be visible in the Insight Preview below.

As with the Comparison Builder, the gear icon to the bottom right of the insight allows you to: Add to Report, Save as Image or Get Embed Code.

Note: The gear will temporarily disappear if you have modified the text. You must click the blue "Save Changes" button, and the gear will re-appear.

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