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Adding or removing comment blocks from dynamic reports
Adding or removing comment blocks from dynamic reports

Toggling comments for regular questions, and removing comment questions (since you can't toggle comments off for comment questions)

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Before sharing a report, you may want to remove comments from it. We call it “toggling comments” as the comments are not deleted, they are just temporarily not visible. 

Creating or finding your report

To get started, in your project, on the Home page, go to the Results & Data tab.

You can either pull up a previously-created dynamic report or create a new one. (To create a new report, click the green Create New Dynamic Report button.)

Alternatively, select an existing report, e.g. Warren’s Holiday Survey and scroll down to the questions.

Toggling comments on or off for a question that has quantitative results and comments

If your report includes “no-comments” questions, comments will not be displayed unless you enabled them. Typical examples are questions requiring a Yes/No answer or matrix-type questions. You may, for instance, have wanted participants to comment on the answer they selected.

Assuming you enabled comments, to view these comments, hover your mouse over an answer on the question's graph. Above the graph you will see a number of options enabled, including (in green) TOGGLE COMMENTS.

Click TOGGLE COMMENTS to hide (or show) the comments for a question.

Removing a comment question's results from your report

If you have a “comment-only" question, e.g. the response only allows for comments from a participant (i.e. a participant could not select an answer like Yes or NO), you can NOT toggle comments as a comment was the only option available to the respondent. Instead, you have to delete the entire question in order to remove it, and its comments, from the report.

To do this, scroll down to the relevant question and click on the Delete icon.

Adding comment results back to your report

Deleted a block of comments on accident? You can easily add it back.

To add a question that you have deleted back to your dynamic report, scroll to the top of your report and click Options at the top right of the screen. Select Add to Report.

In the Add New Item popup, click on Survey Results

Here you will be able to select a project (1) and add to it the question for which you wish to display results (2).

All done? Click Add to report.

Once your block of comments loads, you can toggle the visibility of hidden comments or participant names by hovering over the comments block and clicking on the options button.

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