From the Reporting menu on the left, select Reports & Data.

Chose the report you would like to change from the list of Dynamic Reports.

To remove questions from your report:

The editing toolbar will appear when you hover the mouse slightly above the question you want to remove.

Click Remove from report on the far left. 

To add questions to your report:

Click the Options button at the top right of your report.

To add a chart to your report, hover over an existing report item and click the "+" button:

Alternatively, you can open the top menu and 'Add question':

A pop-up window will appear with options to add freeform content or a chart:

Select the project, question, and chart type you'd like to add:

The new chart will be added at the top of the report, or if you used the inline "+" bar, the chart will appear at that location in the report.

From here, you can edit the insight, remove it, or move to another location in your report:

Creating a dynamic report filtered by audience segment

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