A Projects on a Map question allows users to choose between surveys by clicking on the geographic regions selected as maps for those surveys, as well as answer questions associated for those surveys.

Among other applications, this can be useful for gathering public input on proposed transportation projects that could run in one of several different paths. If you have a project created for each possible transit route with a map boundary defined for each, you can present these projects as options in the Projects on a Map question so the user can select which one they prefer.

For this to work, each survey included as part of the question must have boundaries defined on their respective Settings tabs. This can be done by navigating to the survey's Settings tab, scrolling down to Project Location and creating a shape or uploading a KML/KMZ file.

When the above has been done for all relevant surveys, navigate to the survey where this question will be featured and click + Add Question > Geospatial > Projects on a Map.

On the modal, you will either choose existing projects from the drop-down menu, or click + Add Project to create a new one. These are the surveys that the user will see for selection on the map. You may also change the naming convention for the choice on the map - i.e., whether the user will see "Alternative" or "Preferred Alternative" when they make a choice, or whether this will read as something else.

Once you have added a few projects, you will need to click Needs Map for the choices and confirm their shapes. You may also revise the Name for the selection, which is seen by the user as they interact with the question; by default this will be the name of the survey chosen. You may also change the outline and fill colors for the area as it will be seen on the map.

If you wish to return to change these settings again, click the ellipsis next to the option and click Edit Appearance. From here you may also navigate to the project's admin page, copy the project or remove it as a question option (making it no longer visible or available on the map for selection).

The appearance to the user will reflect the options chosen. In the below example, the naming convention chosen was "Project" and "Preferred Project," and the shapes were given fill colors of blue and red. The user chose Eastern Washington as their preference and confirmed it with the confirmation button on the popup. If they wish to change their choice, they can click the X Change Preferred Project button.

Here the user can also answer questions from the project they chose. These will appear under the map.

The data collected will be shown in the survey's response data export; it will include both the map selection and the questions answered from the chosen survey.

This data will also appear on a dynamic report created for the survey.

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