Once you've collected responses to your map question, a common need is to analyze these responses in the context of your project designs and plans. Here's how to get the file to a .KML, .KMZ, or .SHP format.

Navigating to your question

In the project "Page and Survey" tab, click the Settings button on your map question to open the settings dialog:

Click the "Download Responses KML" button.

What to expect in your exported GeoData

Your export will be generated as a .KML file with linestrings for line comments and points for pin comments.

Each pin or line comment will include the following meta data (if available):
-Comment Id
-User Id

Here's an example of this data in Google Earth Pro:

Clicking on any point or line will open up a dialog with the metadata connected to this comment to provide additional context as you interact with the mapped responses.

Converting to .SHP

While this export does not natively create .SHP files, it is created using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards and can be imported into ArcMap and ArcGIS explorer as a KML file. From there you are free to save it as a .SHP file for sharing in a native ESRI format.

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