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How callers can choose between meetings running at the same time
How callers can choose between meetings running at the same time
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All meetings (or events) live within a project or project group (topic page) on the Meetings & Offline Tab.

If you have multiple meetings in the same project or project group (topic), they will all have the same phone number and meeting code that users will need to enter when they dial into the meeting number.

Click the Phone tab to view or edit the public number (if multiple numbers are assigned to your organization) as well as view the Project code, which is also the meeting code for all meetings associated with this project.

Note: The Project/Meeting code is automatically assigned when the Project is initially created. It cannot be changed or customized. All meetings will be assigned the meeting code you see on the Phone tab.

If more than one meeting is happening at the same time within your project/project group, as seen in the example above, participants who call in to the meeting phone line will hear an automated voice prompt that asks them to choose the meeting they wish to attend by selecting a digit on their phones for the meeting they wish to enter.

E.g., "Welcome to the meeting line for 'Project Name.' Press 1 for Meeting - Phase 1, Press 2 for Hearing #3."

The phone prompt will read your project and meeting titles verbatim.

Once participants choose the meeting they'd like to join, they'll hear another automated prompt asking them to press * (star), followed by the meeting prompts you have enabled, and allow them to listen to the meeting by phone.

You can opt to enable the speaker queue or recorded messages (voicemails) for the individual meeting by clicking the More Conferencing Options dropdown menu in the meeting editor:

If you do not wish to take live speakers during your meeting, uncheck the box for Enable Speaker Queue. This will remove the speaker queue option for participants and only allow them to listen to the meeting (phone prompt option 1) or leave a voicemail (phone prompt option 2) while on the meeting line.

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