If you're hosting a public meeting that requires a public audio option, you can set up a meeting using the publicinput.com teleconference feature. This will provide a way for the public to listen to the meeting audio. You can also set up the speaker queue to allow for public comments.

1. Set up your meeting. Add your meeting's name, date, time, and an optional meeting description.

2. Make sure the phone number associated with the meeting is displayed (box checked):

This will display the phone number the public will use to call in to the meeting.

3. Leave the Conferencing Service on "None" (default)

4. Use the PublicInput.com managed teleconference as your Dial-In option:

Note: to enable meeting transcription, be sure the Enable Conference Recording option is checked. (This is checked by default when you select PublicInput.com managed teleconference.)

Your meeting speakers (staff/council members/moderators) will call into the meeting line and type in the admin pin (differs from the public meeting code.)

You can find the admin pin on the Phone tab under the Conference Calls section, & share it with your staff or meeting presenters/moderators before the meeting.

The public can call in to the meeting phone line and type in the public meeting code. If speaker queue is enabled, you'll be able to give them permission to speak in the meeting.

When participants call the meeting phone line and enter the meeting code, they'll hear the meeting options:
- Press 1 to listen to the meeting
- Press 2 to leave a recorded comment (if enabled on the Phone tab)
- Press 3 to be added to the speaker queue (if enabled in the meeting editor)
- Press star (*) to hear these options again

When a caller is in the speaker queue, the "Tap to speak" button will appear next to the caller's number in publicinput.com:

The phone line management dashboard will appear below the meeting on the publicinput.com live meeting page 30 minutes before the meeting's official start time. You can manage phone participants from the live meeting page (the public facing site.)

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