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Coordinating public speakers for specific agenda items
Coordinating public speakers for specific agenda items
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Hosting your meeting agenda on Public Input can be a powerful tool for managing public comment. This article focuses on how to use agendas to better manage public comment during your meeting.

If you're new to agendas we recommend first checking out the guide to creating your meeting agenda.

Speaker registration options for meeting agendas are designed to track:

  1. Who would like to speak

  2. On what agenda items

  3. And when they signed up (so you can form an orderly queue)

If you've selected a "Hybrid" meeting option, we also ask registrants where they'd like to participate (online or in-person).

Designate agenda items that feature a public comment period

Start by creating or editing an agenda item:

This opens a form where you can provide a title, freeform description, and toggle whether or not Participants can register to speak on this item:

After creating or editing an item, you can organize your agenda by dragging agenda items vertically (three bar icon), or mouse over an agenda item to view more options like copy, edit, and remove:

*Pro tip: if you would like to prevent speaker registration after a certain time, you can set a cutoff time in the Meeting Editor > More Registration Options > Set speaker registration deadline menu. This option is set in terms of in minutes prior to the meeting start. For example, to end speaker registration an hour before the meeting, you'd input 60 in the form that appears under "Set speaker registration deadline":

How public participants register to speak on an agenda item

On the meeting live site or on the registration page, the public will have an option to request to speak at the meeting. This option opens the agenda item listing if you enable speaker registration on agenda items:

Participants can also register to speak on specific items while viewing the agenda by clicking an agenda item's "Register to speak" button:

Viewing your registrant data

These registrations and associated requests to speak will now appear in your meeting Registrants table and meeting data exports:

In your exported spreadsheet, this data will appear in the "Registrants" tab.

If you've enabled speaker registration on agenda items, you'll also see an agenda item column in your live meeting conference call participants table:

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