What does it mean to enable Event Registration, and how can you make the most of it?

If you've enabled Event Registration (RSVP) for your meeting, you'll see a blue Register button in the upper righthand corner of of the live meeting.

Enabling Event Registration allows participants who plan to join your virtual meeting to click the Registration button and choose either I'm going, Interested or Can't make it from the drop-down menu. This allows you to get a rough count of meeting attendees, and can help you anticipate the number of people who may be participating virtually. If you see a high number of RSVPs - either I'm going or Interested - you can plan to have additional staffing before your meeting begins.

Next you have the option to toggle on Require Registration to view event. This is not required by default. It will be indicated in green if enabled.
Note: Requiring registration will raise the barrier to entry, and deter some from joining your meeting.
You can select the data fields you want to collect and whether they're required for registration, as well as Enable speaker pre-registration through the admin settings under More Registration Options:

Note: You must check the box next to the field (email, phone, etc.) under the "Show" column as well as the box in the "Require" column if you want to make that field required. Otherwise, the required field will not be visible to the public, and the participant won't be able to advance past the registration form. Again, the more fields you require, the higher the barrier to entry becomes. We recommend keeping required fields to a minimum.

Once you publicize your meeting link and have a few registrants, you can find your list of attendees and their RSVP status on the meeting, under Attending (before the meeting.) The number of attendees added to your list is noted on the button (1 in the example below.) You can check your registrants list by clicking the Registration tab:

You can click the "...more" button to the right to view a drop down menu that allows you to:

Edit registration settings

View Registration page

Registration Embed Code

Contactless Sign in (for Hybrid virtual-in person meetings)

View Public Meeting Page

Email Registrants

Email Registrants allows you to communicate with your list of registrants, such as meeting reminders or changes to your meeting (date/time changes, delays, cancellation, etc.)

Once your meeting has ended, you'll see the Participants count at the top of the tab, and the tab will populate with attendee information. If registration was not required, this list will also include non-registered participants.

You can also add a spreadsheet (.CSV) of additional attendees, or manually add individual attendees by clicking +Add Participants. Next to that button, you'll see the Download button, which allows you to download the entire list, as well.

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