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Reporting Meeting Viewer, Registration, and Participation Data
Reporting Meeting Viewer, Registration, and Participation Data
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Once your meeting has ended, you'll see the Participants count at the top of the tab, and the tab will populate with attendee information. If registration was not required, this list will also include non-registered participants.

Meeting "Participants" are anyone who:

-Viewed the meeting online

-Called into the meeting

-Registered for the meeting

-Commented during the meeting

-Emailed the meeting address during the meeting

-Texted the meeting shortcode during the meeting

All participants are de-duplicated to show a unique count of people engaging with your meeting.

Exporting Registration and Participation Data

Look for the "Download" button on the Participants or Registrants tab of the meeting admin block:

This will generate an export with three tabs:

  1. Meeting Registrants

  2. Meeting Attendees (Online and/or In-person)

  3. Raw Activity Logs (Such as requests to speak)

The registrants tab will include anyone who registered or signed into the meeting (regardless of whether or not they attended):

The attendees tab will include all attendees, inclusive of viewers. If you did not require registration, many of these records may not have specific contact info or a name.

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