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Using the Meeting Registration Tab
Using the Meeting Registration Tab

Add a registration form & RSVP to a meeting

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When you create your meeting, you can choose to enable a registration form and RSVP feature. You can set this up in the meeting editor when you first create your meeting, or you can pop back in and edit this at any time on the Registration tab just under your meeting's title:

Clicking the Registration tab will open your Registrant List, which will note the meeting registration status:

In the image above, note that Registration is disabled. To change that, click the "edit" (pencil) icon. This will open up the Event Settings window, allowing you to enable Event Registration:

Next, you can customize the registration fields by clicking the More Registration Options dropdown menu. Learn more about enabling and customizing your meeting registration form here:

Planning for in-meeting speakers using the registration form

If you Enable Speaker Pre-Registration, the registration form will show a checkbox for participants to opt-in to request to speak in the meeting. Learn how to register meeting speakers here:

Once you publicize your meeting link and have a few registrants, you'll see the number of registrants on the tab:

Click it to find your list of attendees and their RSVP status on the meeting, under Attending (before the meeting.)

Edit registration settings

View Registration page

Registration Embed Code

Contactless Sign in (for Hybrid virtual-in person meetings)

View Public Meeting Page

Email Registrants

Email Registrants allows you to communicate with your list of registrants, such as meeting reminders or changes to your meeting (date/time changes, delays, cancellation, etc.)

Check out the other meeting tabs:

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