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Manually adding participants to a meeting
Manually adding participants to a meeting
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If you use a paper sign in sheet for meeting registration, or need to manually add participants, no problem!

You can manually add meeting attendees on the Meetings & Offline tab after your meeting:

Find your meeting under Meetings & Events and click the Participants tab.

Next, click the + Add Participants button to upload a list, or manually add individuals:

If you've transferred your paper sign-in attendees to a .CSV or .XLSX file, you can upload your list here:

Note: If uploading a spreadsheet, make sure the first 4 headers only contain Name, Email, Phone, and Address

If not, fill out the data fields for each individual you'd like to add and click the +Add Person button.

Click anywhere outside of the Add Meeting Participants window to return to the Meetings & Offline tab.

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