When you create your meeting, you can choose to enable a registration form and RSVP feature. If you forget to select this feature when you set up the meeting, you can enable this feature at any time before the meeting.

Head to the Meetings & Offline tab & select the dropdown menu on the meeting.

Choose edit from the dropdown menu.

Next, you'll see options to edit the meeting's Public Description (appearance,) Comment options, and Event Registration options.

Scroll down to the Event Registration section and select More Registration Options:

1. You have the option to enable an RSVP / Registration form by clicking the Enable button.

2. If you've enabled Event Registration (above,) then you have the option to Require registration in order for participants to view the event.
Note: Requiring meeting registration will create a barrier to entry, and you may not get the meeting attendance or engagement you are hoping to receive.

Within the meeting dialogue, scroll down to the Public Appearance (Online) section & check the box next to Enable RSVP/Registration.

Once this is enabled, the Registration form and RSVP will appear on the meeting.

Above is an example of a virtual meeting with meeting questions and comments enabled, as well as the RSVP / Registration enabled.

This will allow meeting hosts can get a rough count of meeting attendees. The registration form allows you to collect a name and email for the participant. You can then find your list of attendees and their RSVP status on the meeting, under # Attending (before the meeting.)

Once your meeting has ended, the button will read # Participated.

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