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Enabling meeting registration and customizing your registration form
Enabling meeting registration and customizing your registration form

Learn how to make the most of the Registration & RSVP features on your virtual meetings.

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Enable Event Registration

Meeting registration forms can be turned on and required, or left out altogether (1). We recommend using registration for any hybrid meeting to help predict in-person capacity needs. You can toggle registration on from the meeting settings menu:

Once you've enabled Event Registration (RSVP) for your meeting, you'll see a blue Register button in the upper righthand corner of of the live meeting.

Enabling Event Registration allows participants who plan to join your meeting to click the Registration button and choose either I'm going, Interested or Can't make it from the drop-down menu.

Next you have the option to toggle on Require Registration to view event (2). This is not required by default. It will be indicated in green if enabled. Note: Requiring registration will raise the barrier to entry, and deter some from joining your meeting.

Hybrid Public Meeting Registration

In your meeting settings, if you select "Hybrid" as your meeting format, additional options will appear on your registration form. Learn more about Hybrid Public Meeting Registration here:

Once you've setup hybrid registration options, you can better plan your in-person and online staffing and capacity considerations. Read more about using registration to plan in-person capacity here.

Customize your registration form

You can select the fields you want to collect and whether they're required for registration, as well as Enable speaker pre-registration through the admin settings under More Registration Options:

There are two options for registration signups: using Standard and Custom registration.

For Standard, select the fields you wish to both show and require. You can also add more custom fields to the meeting registration form using CRM Custom Fields; to add these, reach out to your CSM (Customer Success Manager).

Note: You must check the box next to the field (email, phone, etc.) under the "Show" column as well as the box in the "Require" column if you want to make that field required. We recommend keeping required fields to a minimum.

In addition to choosing from these standard registration fields, you may also opt to create a customized registration form of your own design.

Planning for in-meeting speakers using the registration form

If you Enable Speaker Pre-Registration, the registration form will show a checkbox for participants to opt-in to request to speak in the meeting. Learn how to register meeting speakers here:

Viewing Meeting Registrant Information

Once you publicize your meeting link and have a few registrants, you can find your list of registrants and their RSVP status by clicking the Registration tab.

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