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How to quickly edit your meeting info
How to quickly edit your meeting info


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On the Meetings & Offline tab, You'll see your meeting under Meetings & Events. Click the "Info" tab to see your meeting's public information settings.

This includes the participation options you've selected, such as Phone, Text, & Email options to collect participant comments, as well as your meeting description. You can edit this information "on the fly" by clicking the ellipsis at the far-right of the meeting and clicking Edit.

From here, click More Display Options to expand the menu and view the display settings.

If you're asking participants to call in, be sure the phone box is checked (by default) so that the phone number is visible on the public meeting. Participants can email and text in comments too, if those boxes are checked.

Note: You'll need to enable text capabilities on the project's Text tab.

Participants will be able to submit comments to your meeting via email by writing to the address chosen in the Email dropdown, and via text by sending a text message containing the Text code assigned in the text message dropdown to your meeting number.

If you prefer to use something other than the default meeting code options provided for text or email, you can create your own by creating a custom link on the Project Settings tab. This will provide a custom email and text code when assigned to a specific meeting.

Click Save Settings, and then View Live Site if you want to see how these settings will be displayed to the public on the live meeting page.

Check out the other meeting tabs:

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