Once your meeting has ended, you'll see the Participants count at the top of the tab, and the tab will populate with attendee information. If registration was not required, this list will also include anonymous (anon) & non-registered participants.

Note the "Req. to Speak" (Requested to speak) and "Spoke in meeting" columns, which let you know which individuals had the opportunity to speak. You can see the time the participant spoke in the meeting when you hover your mouse over the date in the "Spoke in meeting" column.

In the top right corner of this participants list, you can also add a spreadsheet (.CSV) of additional attendees, or manually add individual attendees by clicking +Add Participants. Next to that button, you'll see the Download button, which allows you to download the entire list, as well.

Check out the other meeting tabs:


Agenda items


Reporting meeting viewer, registration and participation data

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