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How to add files (documents) to a meeting or event
How to add files (documents) to a meeting or event

Add .pdf documents for reference to an upcoming meeting

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You can provide supplementary documents or forms to your meeting attendees directly under the meeting on the Meetings & Offline tab.

If you'd like to add agenda items, check out this article.

To add meeting files or documents, click the Files tab under your meeting. Then, click the green Upload File button:

The Add Documents window will pop up. You can Drag & Drop your files, or click Choose File to select the file from your computer:

Please note that larger files, like multi-page .pdfs and powerpoints are not easy to download on a mobile phone, and may not be seen by all meeting attendees. As an alternative, you can upload a slideshow (like powerpoint) to your Project Page by using an app or widget, like slideshare. This can be embedded into a content box for better mobile responsiveness.

We also highly recommend adding any image files (.jpg, .png, .gif) to your project content, rather than uploading them as meeting files. This way, the image you'd like the participant to see will be part of your project, and will be visible on mobile devices, rather than additional materials the participant then has to download.

Your document(s) will appear just under your meeting's info on the Live Site:

Check out the other meeting tabs:

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