Project groups have everything that Projects have, with the added ability to add other existing projects to them. You can use them as departmental landing pages, or as a way to group several like projects together.

Check out this example:

This Long Range Transportation Plan has 3 survey phases, or "rounds." The project group above serves as a landing page for the LRTP and hosts all 3 rounds of surveys in one place, and includes nformation that pertains to all 3 surveys in the sidebar and steps.

Once you have created a Project Group, you can begin to add existing projects to your layout, as well as project timelines, documents, meetings or events, survey questions, image or text content, videos, and other items to your Project Group page.

To add a project, click the Add Project button:

(Note: Before you add any Project to a Project Group, you must first create the Project in your engagement dashboard.)

In the Select a project to include dialog, click the drop-down menu to view a list of all active and archived projects, and select the project you'd like to add:

Click on the green Add Project button to save and continue:

To see how participants will view your Project Group, click View Live Site at the top right of your admin dashboard.

You'll see your Project Group content an all Projects that have been added in a new browser window:

If projects in your Project Group are published an open for responses, participants can click the "Participate" button to participate in your survey:

If the project has yet to be published, or has been closed to responses, the "Participate" button will instead say "View Results":

If Live vote counts are enabled (the default setting for questions), participants will be able to view the results of past surveys that are now closed to responses. This can help "close the loop" and share how the survey went with the public.

Want to learn more about Project Groups? Check out our article on What are Project Groups (Topic Pages)?

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