Once you have created a Project Group, you can begin to add projects, documents, events or other items to your Project Group page.  

To add a project, click the Add Project button. (Note: Before you add any Project to a Project Group, you must create the Project first from your engagement dashboard.)

In the Select a project to include dialogue, click the drop-down menu to view a list of all active and archived projects, and select one. Click on the green Add Project button to save and continue.

You can add the following to your project group by clicking Add Other:
Project Documents
Youtube video

To add a timeline to the Project Group page, click on the Add Other drop-down menu and select Project Timeline.

In the Milestone Editor dialogue, click New Milestone. You can add multiple milestones to your topic. Each milestone has a title and description. When you have finished, click on the Close button at the bottom of the page.

The milestones will be added to your Project Group

Click on the Gear icon to edit a milestone.

Back in the Milestone Editor dialogue, you can change the status of your milestone (Planned, Live or Complete) or delete it.

You can also add other content to your Page Group for a richer user experience. 

To see how participants will view your Project Group, click View Live Site at the top right of your admin dashboard.

If projects in your Project Group are still open, participants can click the participate button to participate in your survey.

Want to learn more about Project Groups? Check out our article on What are Project Groups (Topic Pages)?

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