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How to filter or tag comments by common themes/topic words
How to filter or tag comments by common themes/topic words
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Under the Comments tab, you will see a tag cloud and smart keywords tabs, that, if enabled, should populate automatically.

If you need to enable the smart cloud visual, head over to the settings tab of your project page and toggle on Analyze comments to create "Smart Tag" Visualization.

On the comments tab, the comments are displayed for each question listed in the sidebar on the left. If you'd like to view all of your comments, scroll down & click view all comments on the sidebar.

You can categorize comments by custom keywords by selecting the Tag Multiple button. 

Within this popup window, the keyword you wish to capture in the "If a comment contains" box and then assign those keywords their own tag in the "Automatically tag it" box below. You can assign the keyword to multiple tags, with the tags separated with commas. Hit enter to finish adding each tag in this field; the tag should turn green.

Select whether you'd like to apply these rules to all of your surveys, only the current survey, or only a specific question of the current survey, before applying the new rules. Click the green Apply tagging button at the bottom right to finish.

The word cloud will refresh automatically, and the "Test tag" tag will appear.

If you'd like to see a list of all tagging rules that have been created, click the blue button labeled Tagging Rules.

All existing tagging rules will be listed here. In the below example, the "Test tag" tag we created is attached to the words "test" and "attached."

If you only want to look at the comments that fall underneath a certain tagging rule, click the tag circle in the word cloud

In this case, all the comments are filtered by the tag "speeding," showing only the comments that bear this tag.

You can generate a spreadsheet of your comment tag summary on the Results & Data tab.

Click Download Tag Summary to generate a spreadsheet of your comment tag data. 

This will automatically generate a spreadsheet in Excel and compile your tagging data for interpretation.

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