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Importing Comment Data and Tags
Importing Comment Data and Tags
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You can now import comments using the Data Import toolkit, listed under the account settings menu:

When importing comments, you'll set up a .CSV or .XLSX spreadsheet to use special column headers and one row per comment. We've created an example comment import spreadsheet to explain the accepted format here:

User-associated fields

The following column headers will be recognized to find existing participants or create new CRM profiles with which to associate new comments.

First Name

Last Name








Comment metadata fields

When importing a comment, we'll look for information about when and how it was received:

Source (accepts "Email", "Phone", or "Mail")

Date (local time when comment was received. Ideal format is "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm" but this field is flexible, so if you've got it formatted as a date in Excel, you're good.)

Tag fields

To assign tags to comments, we look for comments with headers that start with "Tag:", for example "Tag: Bicycle Safety". The system will then assign the tag "Bicycle Safety" for any comments in rows where this column has a value of "1" or "true":

Comment Replies by agency staff

For many teams, it's important to track when a comment has received a response. We'll automatically create comment reply records using the following headers:

Admin Reply (this is the full text of the reply to the participant comment)

Admin Reply Name (the name of the team member replying to the comment)

Admin Reply Email (the email of the team member replying to the comment)

Admin Reply Date (the local date and time when the reply was sent)

Admin Reply Source (the method the reply was sent - accepts "Email", "Phone", or "Mail")

Importing your file

Once you've uploaded a file, you'll see your file appear in the import file list with a "Ready to Import" message. To set your import options, click the import button here:

Setting your destination project

Imported comments can be added to an existing project or create a new project. You'll set this option in the dialog that appears:

You do not need to associate comments with an existing question, as the system will automatically create a new hidden comment question for your data if you do not choose a destination question.

To start the import process, click "Process File".

The file will begin processing in the background, and will show the status of the import in the import file table:

When the import has been completed, the comments will appear in the project you designated - or if you create a new project, the project name will match the imported file name. From the settings page, you can go directly to the project using the search dialog:

New comment questions will be set up in the Hidden/Draft question area:

Your new comments and tags will now be visible in the project comments tab:

Thanks for reading up on Comment Import - happy importing!

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