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Why can't I take the engagement activity (survey) more than once?
Why can't I take the engagement activity (survey) more than once?
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PublicInput is designed to help avoid multiple entries from a single participant, even while Allow Anonymous is enabled. In order to do this, it restricts the number of times that an IP address can take the activity. It also drops a cookie into a browser to avoid duplicate entries.

Participants are not restricted from taking the survey at this point; instead, they are asked to log in.

Often our clients would like to enter in participation – survey results, comments, etc – collected offline. The Meetings & Offline tab allows you to add multiple responses using the data entry button.

If you are at an in-person event and would like to collect feedback and responses from one device, use a kiosk, which is located under the Meetings & Offline tab in your project. 

If you would like to disable this IP restriction, you can turn it off under the Settings tab from within the project.

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