By default, the system can detect multiple responses from the same IP address (or the same wifi signal) and flag this behavior as "ballot box stuffing" or "spoofing", requiring the participant to sign in with their social media account before proceeding. However, there are times when this is necessary, such as at a public meeting or conference, when multiple people are taking the survey with the same device.

📢 IMPORTANT:  DO NOT open the web survey on your device!
That will cause our processes that sniff out repeat participants to merge them all into one record (archiving the duplicates along the way.) We never want this to happen!

You can avoid this IP address issue and collect response data for each participant individually by setting up a kiosk to allow for multiple participants to take your survey on the same device.

First, set up your kiosk.

 📢 NOTE:  When you are ready to run your kiosk, don't forget to login to your PublicInput account on your tablet(s) and launch your kiosk from the Meetings & Offline tab before allowing participants to sign-in or take your survey.

If using multiple devices (ipads/tablets,) be sure to launch the kiosk on all devices you'll be using for your survey. There is no need to create multiple kiosks.

Be sure to restart the kiosk after each participant. This is how it is possible for multiple participants to complete the same survey on a single iPad/tablet.

With your kiosk set up, you'll be ready to take your survey door-to-door, out in the field, or to a public meeting or conference!

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