If you've set up your survey so that participants can share feedback via text, you may want to segment that feedback by keyword. Here's how you can do that.

To get started, on your project admin dashboard, go to the Text tab. Listed will be the specific keywords that trigger your survey (1) and a button you can click to create a new SMS keyword (2).

Create a new keyword

We are going to create a new segment called Rainboot Texts. We want to add all participants who SMS'd a keyword called Rainboots, triggering this survey, to this segment.

First, click New SMS Keyword.

  1. Enter a name for your keyword, e.g. "Rainboots."

  2. Select a segment (the participants your survey is targeting) from the dropdown list or select Create new segment.

  3. If you are creating a new segment, as we are in this case, enter a segment name. For this example, we'll call our segment "Rainboot Texts."

  4. Select a language.

To save your keyword, click Add Keyword. Your keyword will be added to the list of keywords that could trigger this survey.

Keywords in action

Now you will be able to see details of how often your survey was triggered by a particular keyword and who the participants were. The participants in this survey, who used this keyword, will automatically have been added to the "Rainboot Texts" segment.

Let's head on over to your CRM and find the segment we created. We can start the search with "Rain" or "Rainboots."

Now you can simply click on Rainboot Texts to view who participated in your survey by using the keyword Rainboots.

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