In the participants tab, head to the custom link area, where you can create automated translations of any survey, then use the manual translation functionality to selectively edit the translated survey or share translation access with a translator:

In the Project Admin interface, click the Participants tab for your project and then go to the Build Custom Link section of the page.

In the Language column, click on the Gear icon.

The machine-translated version (in this example, the language is Spanish) of your survey will be displayed. 

There are two ways you can edit the translation.

Method 1 – Manually editing text

Step 1: At the top right of the survey, click on the green Click To Translate button (1). 

Note: This button will now turn red and display the label: Stop Translating (2). When you are finished editing your survey, to save your changes, click on the Stop Translating button.

In the below image, the red and black button on the left shows changes are being recorded.

Step 2: Click anywhere in your survey (1) to edit the content in the Translation popup (2). After making the required changes, click Save (3). 

Tip: Click Save & Add Another to make additional changes.

Spanish speakers will now see the translated content with the updates you entered manually.

Method 2 – Using the Form Editor

The Form Editor allows you to edit question text, translate the options on questions, and even create a survey name more relevant to speakers of a different language! 

Step 1: At the top right of the survey, click on the Form Editor button.

Step 2: The Manual Translation Form popup will be displayed where you can type translations for any sections of the survey you wish to change.

Step 3: Happy with your translation? At the bottom of the popup, click Save changes.

Step 4: To view the updates you made manually, refresh the page (press F5 on your keyboard).

You are done!

Tip: To double-check your work and create top quality bi-lingual content, you can send a 3rd-party the URL of your content to review. 

At the top right of your survey, click Share with Translator.

You can now copy and paste the custom URL for this survey into an email and send it to a Spanish expert.

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