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Why aren't my map layers working/visible?
Why aren't my map layers working/visible?

Possible reasons that a layer on a map may not be seen

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When trying to view a layer on a map on a dynamic report, the participants map or otherwise, you may find that the layer is not seen even when added to the map. There are a few possible reasons for this.

Bear in mind that we are limited by Google Maps. The following is not supported:

  • Map layers larger than 10MB limit.

  • Map layers as image files (png, jpg, jpeg, etc)

If you are having issues with .KML/.KMZ files (borders, boundaries, pinpoints, etc.) or equity map layers displaying, first, try giving the page a refresh.

Another possibility is that the equity mapping layers are too large (contain too much data). If that is the case, try to to check/uncheck different layer combinations.

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