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How to create a meeting QR code
How to create a meeting QR code

Generating a scannable QR code for mobile users to navigate to your meeting

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To generate a custom QR code for users to use to navigate quickly to your meeting, navigate on the dashboard to your project's Settings tab and scroll down to the Custom Links section. Enter the desired link URL in the custom link field.

To associate this code with a meeting, select the desired meeting from the Associated meeting dropdown. Note that the survey needs to be in Published status for the QR code to be accessible to the public! Users will not be able to navigate to meetings housed in surveys that are in Draft status.

At this point click the Create New Link button. You will then be able to see both the URL and the QR code icon in the column to the right. Click the QR icon to the right of the URL to download an image of the QR code.

This code can be shared to end users who can then scan the code to visit the public meeting page!

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