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Meeting transcripts: Enabling meeting transcription & downloading your transcript
Meeting transcripts: Enabling meeting transcription & downloading your transcript

How to enable meeting transcripts

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PublicInput now offers meeting transcription for any public meeting that connects to the PublicInput Managed teleconference (phone bridge).

Once you've connected your meeting to the PublicInput managed teleconference, you can elect to record the meeting in full as an audio file, which will also be available for automatic transcription after the meeting's official end time.

If you would like to enable this feature "on the fly," you can click the Transcript tab and edit this setting by clicking the edit (pencil) icon.

This will open the Event Settings screen, where you can adjust your Dial-In Option. You'll want to be sure PublicInput managed teleconference is selected, as well as Enable Conference Recording.

Note: you won't be able to create a transcript of your meeting if the recording setting is not enabled before the meeting's start time, and if the phone bridge is not properly connected to your Zoom or Webex meeting.

Once you've enabled this feature, and after your meeting has ended, you'll see a badge icon (1) next to the Transcript tab:

You can click Audio File to download the audio file for records, as well as click "Transcribe to Text" to transcribe the meeting audio automatically.

It depends on the length of the meeting, but automatic transcription may take up to 24 hours. Best to click "Transcribe to text" and check back later!

Once your meeting has been transcribed, you can click the toggle to allow this transcript to be made public (on will be green).

You can click View Transcription to see the fully transcribed meeting, and make edits.

To learn more, check out our article on editing your transcription.

Check out the other meeting tabs:

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