Joining a public conference line as an admin

Call in using the phone number selected for the meeting and enter the project code. At this point you are joining as a participant and will hear options. Press 9 to enter the admin menu.

Inputting your admin pin

After pressing 9, the system will ask for your admin pin. You can find your pin on the project admin page here:

Phone tab > Conference Calls table > [your meeting] > in the drop-down box.

Upon entering your pin, you will join the public line as an admin with your microphone un-muted. This means participants will be able to hear you, and if your conference bridge is connected and un-muted in your conferencing service (i.e. Webex), the participants on that line will also be able to hear you.

Public phone participants will not be able to speak to you unless un-muted via the online interface.

Pressing * will open the admin menu options:

Press 5 to connect to the meeting again. (exit menu and return to meeting).

Press 6 to mute your phone.

Press 7 to un-mute your phone.

Press 9 to end meeting and hang up. (This WILL end the meeting for everyone - admin callers, participants, and phone bridge connections)

Ending the call

To end the meeting and hang up just press *9 when in the meeting or press 9 when in the menu. Warning! This WILL end the conference line and will hang up all admins currently in conference, participants who have joined, and the conference bridge connection.

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