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Creating new comment records from a meeting transcript
Creating new comment records from a meeting transcript

If you need to capture verbal public comments that did not occur through the phone speaker queue, you can retroactively add these here.

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Accessing your meeting transcript

After the meeting, open the meeting transcription to view the full transcribed proceedings of your meeting. You can click View Transcription to see the fully transcribed meeting, and make edits.

If you do not have a meeting transcript, you'll need to ensure meeting recording is enabled for future meetings.

Attributing comments from the transcript

For in-person comments that need to be attributed to specific participant, mouse over the comment icon on any transcript section. Click the comment icon to open the new comment form:

The comment you create will be included with your public records for this meeting. And if you provide an email or phone number for this participant, the comment will be added to your resident database as part of this participant's profile.

Exporting and analyzing comments

Upon creating a comment using the transcript form, this comment will appear in the Comments tab of your meeting admin page:

These comments will also be included in comment data exports on the Results and Data tab:

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