If you would like to send an outbound text, Click the SMS tab.

From the SMS tab, scroll down to the Outbound Messages section. If you have an SMS survey activated, it will be below that.

Click New Outbound Message & the New Out bound SMS Campain window will appear.

Step 1: Click the Add Recipients button.

A list of segments will pop up. Here you can choose to send a message to all project participants, or choose a specific demographic or segment of those participants, or to add people who gave a specific answer to your survey question, e.g. only the people who ansered "yes." 

In this example, we chose to message only those who RSVP'd "maybe" to our meeting.

You'll click the green Continue button once you have selected your recipients.

Repeat this step if you'd like to add multiple segments. You can also add phone numbers manually by clicking + Add extra numbers. A text box will appear below to allow you to type the numbers in.

Step 2: Add your message. In this case, we are trying to entice those who responed "maybe" to come to our meeting with coffee and donuts!

Step 3: (Optional) If you'd like your message to link to a survey, select your survey from the drop down menu here. If you don't want to include a survey, skip to step 4.

Step 4: Select the Send From Number in the drop down menu. 

Step 5: Choose how you'd like to send your message. If you choose Maual, your message will be sent immediately after you select Send Message.

If you'd like to schedule your text for a later date, select Scheduled and choose the time and date that you would like the message to go out.

Select the green Send Message button!

Your outbound SMS message will appear above the New Outbound Message button.

To the right of the message, you'll find the number of replies and the percentage of recipients who replied.

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